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National Park Krka

Why to visit NP Krka in May?

Krka was proclaimed a National Park in 1985. It is a natural karstic phenomenon with its seven travertine barriers. Krka National Park lies within Šibenik-Knin Country and includes Krka river (73 km long) and the lower course of Čikola River. There are two most popular entrance: Lozovac and Skradin at the southern end. Other entrances are at Roški slap (the largest waterfall in the Park), Krka Monastery and Burnum which can also be reached by vehicle.

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You can visit Krka for the whole year, although some periods are better than others. You might think what is so amazing about these waterfalls; if you’ve seen it one, there is no reason to visit the others? Wrong! This wonderfully natural area has visitors for the whole year, especially during the summer months, and the seven waterfalls sit deep into some of the lushest vegetation in Croatia. On top of this, the park is also known for its cultural and historical monuments, with the Krka Monastery, it is the must-see location.

Reasons to visit Krka in May:

  1. Krka National Park gained a lot on popularity, especially in the last few years. Like we said, this area has visitors for the whole year and the reason number one for visiting Krka in May should be – it is less crowded.
  2. You can escape waiting in the lines for every attraction there if you come during the spring. Whether you want to take a boat trip or just have a quick coffee in one of the cafes you won’t wait for long. In May you will avoid this “problem” and feel more connected with a peaceful nature and its sounds.
  3. There is a small distance to visit Krka from the larger cities on the Adriatic coast. From Šibenik it’s less than 30 minutes, and from Zadar and Split a bit more than 1 hour. But during the summer the traffic jam can make a longer driving, and in May this shouldn’t be an issue.
  4. The beauty of the waterfalls is not the only thing you can experience there, and swimming in the lake shouldn’t be the only reason to visit Krka. You can see a rich presentation of the watermills. These watermills belong to the system of pre-industrial water powered plants. The preserved mills belong back to the 19th century. Today, they have very important cultural and historical significance. Also, you can take a break from the sightseeing and have something to eat in the rustic restaurants there, sit and have coffee or just admire the nature.
  5. On the contrast to winter, during May nature is waking up. Spring is here! Lush vegetation and choppy water are worthy of your admiration. National Park Krka stands for its rich flora and fauna. This area is exceptionally important for the spring and autumn migrations, and it’s a home for 1022 plant species and subspecies.
  6. During summer the entrance prices are higher due to the larger number of visitors and in May since it’s still not very crowded the entrance prices are lower.
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