Croatia Dream | Adriatic sea is one of the most beautiful and cleanest seas in the word
Adriatic sea is one of the most beautiful and cleanest seas in the word
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Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving in Split ( and Dalmatia ) has a long tradition, and has lately become extremely popular due to Croatia’s clear blue sea and turquoise waves. For this tour, no prior knowledge is required. The first encounter with diving equipment for all fans of the sea depths and the underwater world is going to go over as smooth as possible. During the scuba diving course in Croatia, participants will dive in with entire diving equipment under the instructor’s leadership or dive master up to 5 meters of depth. The dive is performed in the beautiful cove Krknjaš on the island of Drevnik Veli in Croatia. Untill the diving location is reached, we will drive you with our dinghy. After the theoretical lecture and an introductory educational video, according to leading international diving associations CMAS/PSS, candidates are introduced with the equipment and are able to dive in every 30-60 minutes.

The entire duration of this unrepeatable first encounter of the future fans in the sea depths and scuba diving approximately lasts two and a half hours, starting from theory, preparation for the dive and the dive itself. Although at a small depth, candidates will be mesmerized by the world they will meet during scuba diving in Croatia. In the cove Krknjaš, you can meet sargo, sheep, friars, octopus, mullets, many snails, corals and various seaweed.


START: Every day at 9.00 am


  • Pick Up and Drop Off with speedboat
  • Transportation
  • Scuba diving  equipment
  • Licensed guide
  • Insurance
  • Great atmosphere

DURATION:  7 hrs


09:00 – departure from Matejuška port

09:30 – arrival to Trogir

09:45 – departure to the diving spot

11:30 – coming back to Trogir

12:30 – arrival to Split