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Let us introduce you to the best crew that ever existed!
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Founder and CEO at CROATIA DREAM

Dijana Sinovčić

As the Founder and CEO of Croatia Dream, Dijana Sinovcic is focused on catering to her clients and uncovering the hidden beauties of her country. Born in the most beautiful city in the world Split, Dijana is proud of her country, its traditions and culture. Being a passionate and experienced globetrotter and knowing perfectly what being a tourist means, Croatia Dream was created to offer tourists the best of the best of Croatia! After her college years she spent studying sociology in Germany and Italy, Dijana decided to return to Croatia and combine her academic and everyday knowledge of Croatia in one. She took a little bit of cultural heritage, Mediterranean gastronomy, amazing landscapes, beautiful villas and apartments and the beautiful Adriatic Sea to create Croatia Dream. Over the years, she built a network of some of the best professionals in Croatia to ensure Croatia Dream offers only unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to everyone visiting Croatia

Office manager at CROATIA DREAM

Dragan Kovacevic

Dragan Kovacevic, age 31, was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the war in the territory of former Yugoslavia, he moved to Split, Croatia with his family and continues to live there to date. After graduating from Medical School with a title of physiotherapist, he decided to change careers and start working in tourism and now has over ten years of experience in various companies, from travel agencies where he worked for several years to managing restaurants in one of the busiest places on the island of Brac. He has been a part of the travel and hospitality industry in Croatia for over a decade now. He is a true expert in designing the most challenging travel programs for clients eager to discover what Croatia is really about. He enjoys travelling and spends his free time discovering the world and being a tourist and a traveller, experiences that guide him to help his clients have the very best time while on vacation.


Petar Sinovčić

Hi!! I´m Petar and I was born in Split 32 years ago. For 5 years now I have been organizing and guiding excursions all over Croatia and Dalmatia in particular.
This is not only my job but it is also my deep passion born out of love for my country, traveling and people. I enjoy working and communicating with people and spending time in nature.
Excursions guided by me are more than just tours of the outdoors and old cities. They are actually an all-around experience of the true Croatia. I won’t bother you with mere facts, I will offer you something more.. a feel of true, primal Mediterranean life and all its beauties. With me, you will learn all about the way things here once were and how they are now. You will enjoy Croatian music, sounds of Dalmatia and the fusion of old with the new. You will be given the opportunity to listen to some of Croatia´s finest vocalists and you will come to feel as a Croat. 😊